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Quarter Turn Actuators for Use in the Water and Wastewater Industry

Posted by Olivier Tisserand | Mon, Aug 26, 2019 3 Comments

Quarter turn electric actuators employ electricity to power the mechanical components that open, close, and throttle valves. These devices enable valves that require highly accurate positioning to operate in precise quarter, or 90°, turns. Some examples of valves which require this high standard of accuracy include ball valves, butterfly valves, choke valves, dump valves, and plug valves.



Quarter Turn Actuator Applications

Indelac Control Inc.’s K-series quarter turn actuator is complying with the American Work Works Association (AWWA) standards, which is the top criteria in the water and wastewater industry. This demonstrates our valve actuators suitability for a number of critical applications, including:

Water Flow

Our actuators are designed to work with butterfly valves—quarter turn valves commonly used in water applications to regulate water flow. Industrial butterfly valves require power-off motor brakes to maintain a secure seal and prevent damage to the actuator by eliminating oscillation. 

Our K-series quarter turn actuators have perpendicular and parallel positions for simple on/off functionality, which allows for easier water control at 45° (or similar) flow configurations. 

Power Outages

When the power goes out at a water or wastewater treatment facility, it can be difficult to control water flow and maintain safe levels. Our fail-safe actuators provide a time-saving solution to these issues, as they are designed to allow or stop water flow automatically in emergency situations. This preventative measure falls into place as soon as power is lost without the need for manual operator initiation, and resets to resume normal functionality once the power returns. Actuators that integrate this fail-safe mechanism can save crucial time in preventing catastrophic equipment or system overload or failure.

Industry Requirements for Electric Actuators

Similar to valves and other industrial water and wastewater components, quarter turn actuators need to meet strict standards to be compliant with industrial and safety regulations. Two of the most important requirements are (i) AWWA certification and (ii) compliance with Standards C540.

AWWA, or the American Water Works Association, is an international scientific and educational organization that advocates for safe water practices, including in industrial applications. It also certifies parts, facilities, and facility operators as safe and compliant according to its over 170 published standards for design, installation, performance, and manufacturing of water-related parts. The standards that AWWA defines apply to parts and processes used in both water and wastewater treatment and supply applications, including sourcing, treatment, storage, and distribution operations. They also include elements of ANSI, or American National Standards Institute, standards.

Electric actuators, such as quarter turn actuators, are subject to AWWA’s C540 standards. For example, AWWA C542-16 establishes standards specifically for externally mounted electric motor actuators for valves and slide gates, including general design requirements, performance metrics, and materials, while AWWA C540-93 establishes standards for valves 3 inches or larger in diameter and sluice gates.

Acquiring these certifications for valve products is crucial for valve manufacturers, as it is important for consumers to be assured of their investment in high quality parts. When companies invest in AWWA-compliant parts, they can be certain of the parts’ reliability and safety.

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Indelac’s K-series of quarter turn electric actuators drive precise 90° turn movements to, among other applications, open and close valves in water and wastewater systems. While our standard models feature an emergency fail-safe mechanism, spur gear and worm gear drivetrain, and a class-F motor rated to precise temperature standards, we also offer further customization options for specialized client applications.

To learn more about our high-performing quarter turn electric actuators and how they may suit your unique control application, contact us, or request a quote today.