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Actuator Valve Automation

Valve Automation

Here at ICI we are asked to provide many of our clients with fully automated packages. Our valve automation capabilities range from simple mounting, calibrating and drop shipping services to more advanced solutions that can be custom-designed to solve unique challenges and meet rigorous specifications. We understand that not every client has the necessary facilities at their disposal where they can design, mount, calibrate, and test valve and actuators assemblies; others have the space, but lack the time.

No matter the reason, we offer clients the value-added service of actuator valve automation to combat these issues. You can let an expert take care of the busy work while you focus on what really matters: your company.

Actuator Valve Automation

One-Stop Shop

Indelac’s full automation packages provide an actuator, valve, mounting kit, and everything else you need in one bundle. This means less waiting for you and faster turnaround times from us. You don’t need to wait for parts from various companies and locations to arrive—they all come from the same place. We work with all types and brands of valves, which means that we have whatever you need for a project on-hand and ready to send out.

Bundling saves you freight costs, as well. We can drop packages exactly where they need to be to cut down on shipping that’s already lessened by sending all the products you need together. 

Fully Automated Valve

When you route ships to our facility, our certified technician will accurately mount, test, and calibrate your actuated valve and actuator. If necessary, we’ll take the necessary steps to pair your existing valve with one of our actuators and produce a customized mounting kit. This will undergo the same testing and calibration as the rest of the kits that move through our facility.

We’ll ship your automated package fully assembled and ready for setup. Once you receive it, everything will be ready for operation immediately; no need to worry about the valve sealing at inopportune times or getting the valve properly positioned in modulating service. While our standard is to ship in the closed position, we are able to ship in the open position upon request. Additionally, our two-position calibration standard is 0-90° but we can set up travel all the way to 270°.


Indelac can customize our mounting kits to meet the needs of professionals working with applications such as:

  • Stem extensions
  • Tee assemblies
  • Valve stem inserts
  • Deadman’s handles
  • Low or high temperature mounting kits
    • Cryogenic applications
    • Boiler applications
    • Other steam applications

There are also a host of finishes and accessories to choose from:

  • Finishes
    • Carbon steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Other materials can be specified on request
    • Powder-coating is also available in your choice of color
  • Accessories
    • Control panel
    • External battery backup

Working With Indelac

At Indelac, we stand by our dedication to lifetime customer service and treat every client like a million-dollar customer. Whether you bought a single product from us five years ago or you made an order for 100 components five days ago, everybody gets exceptional treatment.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the art of valve automation. Boasting more than 30 years of experience in the industry, ICI Valve Automation will exceed your expectations. We stand behind not only our products and processes, but also our amazing staff who work tirelessly to ensure the products you receive are in top shape.

When you partner with ICI, we work behind the scenes to ensure your designs and goals adhere to your specifications and standards. If you're interested in teaming up with Indelac, contact us today or request a quote. Our certified and knowledgeable team will be happy to create solutions you can be proud of. 

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