Battery Back-Up

Battery Backup Basics

Indelac provides two battery backup systems– One internal, which is installed inside the same enclosure as our actuator, and the other external, which is installed a separate enclosure and can be used as a standalone or in complement of an actuator.

Safe & Secure Actuator Series—Internal

The Safe & Secure Actuator Series is a range of actuators featuring internally integrated battery backup systems. These actuators come equipped with an internal battery backup system, and they also include a switch for field-selectable failsafe directions. This gives you the opportunity to use just one machine to fail closed, fail open, or maintain operations depending on control signal availability.

These actuators can accommodate over one million automations, and they work with both throttling and control applications. They also cost half as much as comparable spring return actuators, making them a great choice for facilities on a budget.

Standalone Battery Backup Systems—External

Standalone battery backup systems are external components comprised of a bank of batteries and a charger circuit. Facility managers mount these systems inside a variety of different ruggedized enclosures that protect them from hazards ranging from adverse weather conditions to explosions.

External units like these are intended to provide alternate power sources for large or complicated systems. They make for great backup power options when it comes to larger actuators, multiple actuators, and other electrical devices—especially during times of utility power loss.

Our external battery backup systems keep a steady source of backup power for all electric actuators present in a facility, and they’re compatible with any brand of electric actuator. External battery backup systems can protect a wide range of critical electrical systems, and we can custom design solutions to meet the specifications of larger or more complex projects.

Internal Battery Backup

Internal battery backup actuators are variations of standard quarter-turn electric actuators. They operate using the same principle that standard actuators do—the only difference is that they include a failsafe battery backup unit that supplies the actuator with electricity should power fail.

When the system detects a loss of power to the actuator, it releases the battery’s stored energy to help drive the actuator to a preconfigured safe position. After restoring power, the system automatically returns dampers and valves to their normal operating positions without requiring the use of operators.

Facility managers can configure internal battery backup generators to fail open, fail closed, or continue standard operations during a power failure. These systems work best for applications that are limited in space and operate with smaller valve and damper setups (400–2,800 in./lb. torque).

Recharging the Battery to Full Charge

  • Power: 30–120 watts maximum
  • Battery: 12 vdc., 0.8–2.9 AHr
  • Battery recharge time: Approximately eight hours

Available Accessories

  • Remote/off/local controls
  • Regular and high-resolution modulating controls
  • Position feedback for modulating and open/close configurations
  • Heater and thermostat 
  • Power-off brake for butterfly valve and damper automation
  • Private labeling
  • Custom mounting options

External Battery Backup

ICI’s external battery backup failsafe units automatically detect input power supply losses and quickly and seamlessly switch over to a backup battery power supply. After restoring utility power, the unit will transfer back to the utility input power supply and begin recharging the battery.

When used in conjunction with an actuator, the actuator will shift into the position transmitted by the control panel after utility power returns.

ICI’s electric failsafe device can deliver 115VAC/230VAC/24VDC power (up to 30 amps) and can work with any appropriately branded electric actuator when sized properly.

This system is best for applications that have more space and require more power (up to 27,300 in./lb. torque). It acts as a standalone product that can be used for valve and damper automation as well as other critical power needs

Some other applications for external battery backup generators include:

  • Buildings
  • Servers
  • Zoo enclosures
  • Lighting sources

Power and Battery

  • Output: 360–720 watts
  • Battery: 12 vdc., 7–2.26 AHr

Common Features

Adherence to Industry Standards

  • Internal: Nema 4, 4x, and 7
  • External: Nema 4, 4x, 7, 9, 12, and 13

Three-Stage Battery Charger

  • Pulse charge during Bulk Mode
  • Both internal and external options feature an inverter that converts the 12 DC battery to match your equipment
  • Trickle Charge Mode maintains batteries once they reach full charge
    • Battery life on trickle charge: 4–5 years
  • Internal protection from overcharging
  • Sealed lead acid triple charger means that battery can remain at 100% capacity until power is lost

Additional Finishing and Coating Options

  • Internal
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Electro-less nickel plating
    • Chromium conversion coatings
    • Anodizing
    • Various power coating color options
  • External
    • Epoxy coating
    • Carbon steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Cast aluminum
  • Additional corrosion-resistant coatings
    • Anodizing
    • Epoxy coating
    • Electro-less nickel plating
    • Chromium conversion

Working With Indelac

Indelac is proud to provide high-quality, American-made actuators that feature reliable, integrated power supplies. Our streamlined manufacturing processes maximize product life and durability. Products go through rigorous quality control and testing procedures to ensure that they operate at full capacity and work with the desired equipment. All batteries come with a full charge.

Our machine shop includes a full suite of capabilities:

  • Production of custom battery backup systems to fit your application, with solutions including:
    • Conduit energy
    • LED indication lights
    • Tamper-proof locks
    • Integrated control panels
    • Emergency stop switches
  • Ability to fulfill orders from 1–1,000+ units
  • 4–6-week standard lead time

If you would like to learn more about Indelac’s automated internal and external backup systems, contact us today.