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ProVolt Universal Voltage Actuator

The ProVolt® Series Multiple Voltage Actuator is a quarter turn Rotary Actuator that will work with all voltage inputs. With the flip of an internal switch on the board, these actuators can accept any of
the following input voltages: 115vac, 230vac, 24vac, 24vdc or 12vdc. No more ordering or stocking separate voltage actuators! This new series can operate loads from 400 to 1500 in/lbs.

The PV Series can also be ordered with the Optional Battery Backup Feature. When installed, the actuator’s internal battery will provide power to the motor in the event of an external power failure.
The actuator can be configured in the field for FAIL OPEN or FAIL CLOSE. Switching from external power to battery power is seamless – when the external power source fails, the internal transfer
circuit switches to battery power automatically without any operator intervention.

This unit can be ordered as a standard OPEN/CLOSE actuator or with the Modulating Option for precise valve position control using 4-20mA, 0-10V or 1-5V external input signal.
NOTE: The Modulating Option CANNOT be added in the field.



Print Specifications
TORQUE: PV4 400 In-Lb (45.2 Nm), PV6 600 In-Lb (67.8 Nm), PV10 1,000 In-Lb (113 Nm), PV15 1,500 In-Lb (169.5 Nm)
CYCLE TIME: PV4 10 sec. / 90°, PV6  15 sec. / 90°, PV10 23 sec. / 90°, PV15     30 sec. / 90° 
DUTY CYCLE: 100% Standard (at 100% ambient temperature at rated torque)
LOCKED ROTOR CURRENT: 2.5 Amps @ 12vdc
ACTUATOR FULL LOAD AMPS: AC= 115vac @ 0.45A; 230vac @ 0.28A; 24vac @ 1.3A, DC= 24vdc @ 1.3A; 12vdc @ 1.8A
OPERATING VOLTAGES/POWER: AC= 115vac, 50/60Hz @ 55W; 230vac, 50/60Hz @ 55W; 24vac, 50/60Hz @ 35W, DC= 24vdc @ 35W; 12vdc @ 25W
MAINS WIRING REQUIRED: 18 AWG, 300V, 105°C minimum for all voltages, Class 1 Wiring, 12 AWG max (Terminal block max rated); Max. run with 12 AWG on DC units is 80ft
INCOMING POWER FUSE: TE5 Pico Fuse, 250V @ 4A Rectangular Box
MOTOR FUSE: TE5 Pico Fuse, 250V @ 2.5A Rectangular Box
AUXILIARY SWITCH RATING: Dry Contact, 10 Amps @ 250vac Maximum
INPUT SIGNAL CONTACT RATING: 12vdc @ 0.5A minimum (Dry Contact Only – NO External Voltage)
POSITION INDICATION: Dome Style Visual Indicator
WEIGHT: 18 Lb (8.2 kg)
MOUNTING PAD: ISO 5211 F07 & F10 with 17mm female star drive
MOUNTING: Universal
OPERATING TEMPERATURES: -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C); Heater required below 0°F 
OPTIONAL HEATER POWER: Add 15 Watts for optional 12vdc self-regulating heater
OPTIONAL BATTERY: 12vdc, 0.8AHr, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Rechargeable; Battery recharge time = approximately 8 Hours; Battery life on trickle charge = 3-4 years
cUL listed E527647
  Process Control Equipment for use in Hazardous Locations
  Class I, Div. 1 Groups C & D
  Class II, Div. 1 Groups E, F & G