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Wireless Actuator

Posted by Olivier Tisserand | Fri, Oct 18, 2013 0 Comments

A wireless actuator is an actuator geographically distributed and interconnected by wireless networks. Nowadays, wireless actuators are simple to use, easy to implement, easy to commission.  They provide communication as well as diagnostics, while eliminating expensive wiring and install costs.  Wireless technology is all around us, permeating every aspect of modern communication, it only makes sense that the wireless actuator market is growing at such a tremendous pace.

Difference with Wired Actuator:

The components used in wired and wireless actuators are exactly the same, with one main difference.  In a wireless actuator a receiver and transmitter module replace the length of control wires.  Simply put, wireless actuators communicate without wires, while traditional actuators need a hardwired connection in order to operate.  


Wireless actuators are an ideal solution for new builds but retrofitting an existing application can reveal long term savings.  The scalability of wireless technology allows a retrofit to be done in stages.  As the traditional actuators wear out over time they can gradually be replaced with wireless actuators.  Once a gateway, the backbone of a wireless system, is installed one to a hundred devices can be added at any pace.    


The gateway is a nominal fee to the system, and each individual device can be added as needed to build a mesh architecture.  The costs to implement wireless technology, especially during a retrofit, can be spread out over time.


In today’s world, people are using valve actuators everyday to flush, drain, fill and transfer.  Wireless actuators can be used in the same applications.  The wireless technology allows applications in remote locations the ability to transfer diagnostics in real time without being plugged in.  Laptops, tablets, and handheld remotes are quickly becoming the control panels of tomorrow.

Wireless Actuator Indelac

“Here at Indelac we strongly believe in the future wireless automation technology.  Our engineers have worked tirelessly to integrate wireless capabilities into our existing product lines.  After several successful prototypes, we are considering join-venturing to progress on this market.”  

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