Build Your Own Actuator

ASC Series Spring Return Electric Actuator


Indelac Controls is proud to introduce models ASC4, ASC6, & ASC10. These heavy duty spring return actuators utilize an electro-mechanical clutch in order to achieve modulating control as well as DC voltage options for our already popular spring return electric actuators. ICI’s new ASC series, like all of our products, are 100% American made.


Print Specifications
Torque: 400 In-Lb (45 Nm) to 1200 In-Lb (135.6 Nm)
Cycle Time: 12 sec. / 90° (all voltages)
Duty Cycle: 25% 115 Vac (standard)
15 min continuous (optional)
MAX CYCLES: 300 per hour
CLUTCH: Electro-Mechanical (standard)
ENCLOSURE: NEMA 4 (standard)
NEMA 7 (optional)
COATING: Thermally bonded polyester powder
ENCLOSURE: NEMA 4 (standard)
NEMA 7 (optional)
POSITION IND.: Visual indicator (optional)
SWITCHES: SPDT snap action, 15 Amps @ 250 Vac
Lubrication: Permanent
WEIGHT: 110 Lbs
TEMP. RANGE: -40°F to 150°F
Heater & Thermostat required 0°F & below
OVERRIDE: Gearbox available, consult factory