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Indelac Safe & Secure Actuator Series

Posted by Jason Robinson | Thu, May 16, 2013 2 Comments

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Our NEW line of fail-safe electric actuators, The Safe & Secure Series, is a compact powerful solution for critical applications.  With it’s own built in power supply The Safe & Secure Series couples the reliability of our American made electric actuators with the added security of a fail-safe battery backup system.

Equipped with an internal battery back system that is field adjustable to fail closed, fail open or continue standard operations, The Safe & Secure Series leaves you in control during sudden loss of utility power or control signal.


The Safe & Secure Series is a very unique line of actuators, it not only a great heavy duty everyday actuator but a actuator you can depend on in the event of catastrophic failure. That’s why the name Safe & Secure just seems to fit. In the event of power loss or control signal loss this actuator can be programed to do one of a few things one of which being to fail to a desired position. The second thing you can have it do is continue operation until the battery backup dies. The neat feature about the second option is that even if you choose to continue regular operation before the battery backup dies the safe and secure actuator will still fail to the position you program it to. Operation time depends on the torque of the application.