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Smaller More Efficient Pneumatic Actuators, 4 Is Better Than 2

Posted by Jason Robinson | Thu, May 03, 2012 0 Comments

Find Out Why 4 Piston Pneumatic Actuators Are A Better Alternative Than Their 2 Piston Counterpart  

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My First Argument Is The Four Piston Design Is More Efficient:

The IP-Series gives maximum torque for minimum air consumption. It is both compact in size and energy efficient, creating a fast responding, trouble free high cycle lifespan.
The cube shape of the IP-Series actuators and the short piston travel serve to minimize excess space. This space which is not swept by piston travel and which must be pressurized before the piston motion begins; therefore, reducing the pressurization of excess space and resulting in reduced energy requirements.

My Second Argument Is Less Wear And Tear Leading To A Longer Product Life Cycle.

Less wear seems hard to believe double the pistons yet I’m claiming the actuator has less wear, well believe it the IP-Series actually has less moving parts than an ordinary rack and pinion pneumatic actuator plus get a Load of this:  With its unique 4-piston design the IP-Series achieves a more uniform load distribution than single and double piston actuators do, therefore greatly reducing gear wear at the points of contact between rack and pinion. The force-balanced piston with its shorter stroke prevents uneven wear of O-rings, gear and pistons. This eliminates the need for bearings and reduces the number of soft parts, thereby resulting in lower maintenance costs and lower repair kits costs.
This is all possible due yet again to the cube shaped configuration of the IP-Series actuators positioning of the pistons so that each piston develops thrust along its own axis, rather than the off-axis thrust, that result from the geometry of most other actuator configurations. Piston side loading, caused by off-axis thrust, does not occur, thus resulting in less stress on the seals.