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Posted by Matt Robinson | Mon, Apr 16, 2012 1 Comment

The ability to choose the most appropriate electric actuator company is a key part in project or product line development.  In the automation process, actuators are the heart of the system. Actuator Company - 6 Factors Most of the time, once a company pairs up with an actuator company it is a long-term commitment, and the switching costs can be very high.  Therefore, the relationship between the actuator supplier and the user must be based on several important considerations.

1.      Quality Of The Product

Do you want to constantly be worried about down time and repair costs?  No?  Then Go for the Best Products! Look for an electric actuator company that is known for selling quality actuators as well as having trickle down quality values.  By this I mean look for a company where its top management is devoted to producing a quality product.  A great product is the result of a deep-rooted standard of high-quality practices, which can only begin at a company’s top.  

2.      Reliability of The Actuator Company

The electric actuator company that you are choosing has to be reliable.  As always in business, you need to know who you are dealing with.  Always ask for certification on the products. There are many different highly qualified, independent agencies that validate the performance of various products.  two widely known agencies, for example, are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  Remember to look for their logo on the product that you are considering.  If your application is in European Union, look for the CE certification logo.  Reliability can also refer to delivery.  Ask yourself, “can this actuator company be there for my company in a pinch”?  Make sure to ask for references.

 3.      After Sales Service

Some customers and actuator companies alike think that after purchasing an actuator and automating a valve is the end of a sale.  If you are a customer who sees it that way, then it won’t matter which actuator company you choose.  However, if you value service post sale you will need to look for AN actuator company that offers this before you make your purchase.  American actuator companies are historically known for good customer service. 

 4.      Matching Corporate Values

Values can range widely from company to company.  Some actuator companies place a high importance on supporting the local economy as much as possible, others place a high importance on going green.  What every your companies values are, look for those qualities in your actuator supplier.  Your relationship will be more successful and you may even find additional opportunities together.

 5.      Payment Options

In today’s world there are more payment options available to the buyer than ever before.  The most preferred is to maintain an open account the actuator company.  These open accounts come with varying terms depending on your credit score, and supplier preference.  Beyond open accounts, some other common methods of payment are:  credit card payments, ACH, and bank wire transfer.

How about international deals?  If you are an international company looking for an actuator company in the USA, ask the company about how they insure their exports.  A popular way to insure exports in the us is to use The Export-Import Bank of the United States. 

6.      Pricing

The goal of a business is to be profitable.  However, cheaper does not always mean better.  Watch out for the cheap, but very poor quality products; which end up being a waste of money the long run.  American made products are typically more expensive initially, but saves money in the lack of repairs and replacements, or god forbid a plant shut down.