Actuator Educational Section Access


Indelac Educational Section

Here are some of the great White Papers or Guides about Actuators that you can access:

How to Adjust an Indelac Modulating Actuator - AC&DC Voltages

This guide is a step by step manual to do an easy and smooth field adjustment of a modulating actuator 

How to guide 4-20mA Positioner Field Installation

Here are instructions on how to install a 4-20mA Positioner on any Indelac Actuator 

Preventing Condensation in an Electric Actuator

Unwanted condensation in/on electrical goods can have severe consequences, especially inside electric actuators. How to prevent it? 

Hazardous Classifications

Find out about the three types of Hazardous Locations (NEC): Class I - gas or vapor, Class II - dust, and Class III - fibers and flyings 

Duty Cycle is ike Cycling

Get a better understanding of how Indelac Actuators are working 

What is Torque?

Here is a small guide to help you understand how Torque is calculated, complete with a conversion table from Lb-In to Nm 

Reference Tools

Reference tools for use with Indelac Actuators, including ISO 5211:2001(E) Mounting Dimensions, NEMA Enclosure Types Ratings and more… 

Helpful Terms

Glossary of Technical Terms regarding Indelac Actuators 

Motor Currents

Full Load (FL) and Lock Rotor (LR) Currents for all Indelac Electric Actuators 

Electric Quarter Turn Actuators Options Grid

See all Options available on Indelac S, R, M, L and K Series 

Model Number Guide

How to build the Model Number of an Indelac Actuator