Thermal Blanket

ThermoArmor: Thermal Blanket for All Actuator Series


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Indelac ThermoArmor Thermal Blanket is a custom fit high quality pre-engineered insulation system designed to save energy, retain radiant heat, minimize insulation maintenance and improve the surrounding work environment. ThermoArmor is also capable of withstanding weather conditions and chemical environments. ThermoArmor is flexible and easy to install, easy to remove and reinstall allowing quick access and easy equipment serviceability.

Maximum Service Temperature

This design is to act as a Thermal Barrier with a maximum service temperature of 550°F (288°C).

Product Components

The Outer and Inner Jacket is a 16.5 oz/sq. yd. PTFE Teflon® impregnated Fiberglass cloth. The Insulation Material is an 11PCF Fiberglass Needled Mat – Type “E” fiber. The inner jacket also has a layer of Stainless Steel Type 304 Knitted Wire Mesh. The ThermoArmor Blanket system includes fasteners for easy install and removal.


We guarantee that all custom manufactured blankets will accommodate all acutators and fit correctly for optimum performance as per the design specification provided in the quotation process. In addition, for 12 months we will cover the cost of replacing the blanket should the failure be due to premature degradation of any component utilized in the blanket construction, as well as any defects due to poor workmanship.

ThermoArmor SpecSheet Thermal Blanket Test Results get adobe reader
Blanket Thickness Surface Temperature Reference
Thickness 1'' 1.5'' 2''
Operating Temperature Surface Temperature
350 °F 117 °F 105 °F 97 °F
400 °F 126 ° 111 °F 103 °F
450 °F 135 °F 118 °F 108 °F
500 °F 145 °F 125 °F 114 °F
550 °F 154 °F 132 °F 120 °F

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NEMA Type 4 and 4X

Model VT56 is a light weight