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Indelac Controls, Inc. is proud to introduce the first model of our new posICIon+ series position transmitters and limit switch. ICI’s posICIon+ series like all of our products is 100 % American made.

The above picture displays model VT56 which is designed to meet NEMA Type 4 and 4X as well as International Protection Code IP56 environmental conditions. This model is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

Model VT56 is a light weight corrosion resistant position transmitter manufactured from high impact resistant plastic. With brass insert for all threaded connections for greater thread strength.

The posICIon+ is also equipped with 300 series stainless steel drive shaft and fasteners. With captive cover screws there is no chance of dropping and loosing fasteners during commissioning of your project.

The dome style visual position indicator provides local position indication at a glance.

To set ICI’s posICIon+ position transmitters limit switches simply operate the actuator to the open position, push the top cam down and rotate to the desired position then operate the actuator to the close position pull the lower cam up and rotate to the desired position. The interlocking, spring loaded cams assure accuracy, repeatable and reliable position indication.

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NEMA Type 4 and 4X

Model VT56 is a light weight