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New Color for our Electric Actuators

June 24, 2011

Indelac Controls, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of a new color for our electric actuators. After many years of supplying metallic charcoal as our color of choice we have elected to offer a brighter more vibrant color for our standard quarter turn electric actuators. The color we have chosen is a brilliant deep blue that will enhance any automated valve package. Furthermore, valve manufacturers utilizing ICI’s actuator to automate their valves will no longer have their valves blend into the maze of piping in which they are installed providing your valves with greater visibility.

Don’t worry about corrosion; our new coating is an enhanced thermally bonded powder that has improved adhesive characteristics that will better protect the actuator from corrosion and UV rays allowing for longer life in severe applications.

Indelac Controls, Inc. manufactures a broad range of products for the valve and damper automation industry. Our product offering includes quarter turn electric actuators which include an enormous selection of optional equipment and control packages for nearly all automation applications, multi-turn electric actuators, linear electric actuators and linear spring return actuators, electric quarter turn spring return actuators, control panels and battery backup systems.