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Indelac Going Air Powered

May 31, 2011

For over 25 years Indelac has offered the highest quality electric actuators in the industry and numerous times our customers have asked us about our pneumatic line of actuators. Sadly we have had to turn them elsewhere for an answer. We have decided that the pneumatic market is just too big for Indelac not to be represented. So over the past few months we have been working diligently to make pneumatic actuators a part of the Indelac product line. After an expansion and remodel of our facilities coupled with research and training we will soon have the size and expertise to accommodate our customer's pneumatic requests.

NEW pneumatic product line will be known as the IP-Series product line (Indelac pneumatics), and for your reference, the model numbers will all begin with IP. The IP-Series product line will consist of high quality pneumatic actuators with torque ranging from 70Lb-In (8Nm) to 16,000Lb-In (1800Nm) with spring return capabilities.

Indelac will begin taking pneumatic orders sometime in the middle to end of July!